Daniel Cormier has made a huge statement. He’s picked one fighter that trumps all. He’s named someone the Michael Jordan of MMA.

Daniel Cormier is the second of four fighters in the history of the UFC to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously. And before signing to the UFC he was Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion. So when this man gives you his approval, you know it means something.

Daniel Cormier recently sat down with MMA Junkie Radio and spoke about a vast variety of topics. When his interviewer asked him to pick one fighter, just one that comes to his mind. One fighter that will do absolute justice to the title ‘Michael Jordan of MMA’.

He replied saying, “ Michael Jordan has long been the undisputed greatest of all time in basketball. I don’t think we have that in Mixed Martial Arts. But when you start thinking of a guy that personifies champion, a guy hat just ran the able and did everything. “

Daniel Cormier

He continued, primarily to justify his answer first. He said, “I think we forget Jordan lost at the play-offs. And he lost multiple times, right? Before the 90s he lost the play-offs about every year. So it’s not like he was undefeated.”

Daniel Cormier has an answer

Having gotten all the necessary justification out of the way, it was finally time for his answer. Daniel Cormier said, “If I had to pick a guy who just did everything the right way, I have to say, Demetrious Johnson. Defended those belts al the time. He Was always so well prepared. His performances got better as he went on in his title reign. No hiccups, no mistakes, nothing! You know what I think, he’s one of those guys!”

Henry Cejudo
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He had just a final bit to add. Cormier said, “I think when you start to get on in MMA, I don’t think it’s just one guy. You’ve got to look at people as a whole and there’s going to be a lot of fighters that are going to sit on top of the sport for a long time. And I believe I’m one of those guys!”

There you have it, Daniel Cormier has picked his answer. Do you agree or disagree with him?

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