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According to FMT, the Malaysian Medical Association president Dr N Ganabaskaran has urged the public not to discriminate against healthcare workers.

Many people are getting over-zealous with their precautions against Covid-19 out of fear, and this includes an apartment building management in Petaling Jaya that reportedly segregated their lifts.

One lift in the building was singled out for use by healthcare and essential service workers only after a tenant, who was a healthcare worker, tested positive for Covid-19 at the end of March. This was supposedly to prevent other residents from being infected.

However, Dr Ganabaskaran said that segregation of shared facilities such as lifts was unnecessary and “smacks of discrimination against our healthcare workers”.

According to him, these kinds of discriminatory practices demonstrate a serious problem of misinformation that exists in the public.

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Proper precautionary measures include regular cleaning of common areas and temperature checks at entrances, but segregation is not necessary.

If preventive measures as recommended by the health ministry are taken, then there should be no reason to fear, and there should be no need to go beyond the recommended measures either.

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