Darren till continues his witty siege over Twitter. His latest jab went in the way of MMA journalist John Morgan.

The Gorilla’s jab came as a response to one of Morgan’s Tweets. Morgan Tweeted something regarding the Submission Underground 13 fight, Craig Jones vs. Vinny Magalhaes.

The fight Morgan mentions in his Tweet highlighted the dangers that MMA comes with. The match ended with verbal submission in favor of Craig Jones. The verbal submission came due to Vinny’s damaged ankle and leg due to the various submission maneuvres that Craig Jones had up his sleeve.

Of course, Darren Till had a crisp response completely unrelated to the fight.

Morgan responds to Darren Till

And just like that, Till claimed the most recent victim of his wittiness. John Morgan replied with an acknowledgment of his own.

Indeed, Darren Till is making the best use of this period of self-isolation. As soon as the conditions came one, Till posted videos of self-quarantining on Instagram. Including the infamous video of countless gummy bears with melancholy music in the background.

Darren Till

And now, he is taking on just about anyone he can on Twitter. And the fans love it. After all, the entertainment that Till provides with his antics is, well, captivating and harmless. Till, too, knows how his fans love it, and also Tweeted about how grateful he is for all the love.

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