Should you’re interested by this umbrella image.

A is for Andy whose leg snapped in half.

B is for Black Beast whose balls made us chortle.

C is for Conor and his meteoric rise.

D is for Diaz who was not stunned.

E is for Edmund, “head motion!” he cried.

F is for Fedor, the Final Emperor of PRIDE

G is for Georges who feared alien invasion.

H is for Holly who shocked Armbar Nation

I is for the Iceman whose chin simply gave out.

J is for Joanna whose head began to sprout.

Okay is for Kimbo the yard sensation.

L is for Lyoto who drank pee for hydration.

As at all times, if you’re new to this collection there’s a basic e-book by Edward Gorey that “tells the story of 26 youngsters (every representing a letter of the alphabet) and their premature deaths in rhyming dactylic couplets, accompanied by the creator’s distinctive black and white illustrations. It’s one in all Edward Gorey’s best-known books, and is essentially the most infamous amongst his roughly half-dozen mock alphabets. It has been described as a “sarcastic riot in opposition to a view of childhood that’s sunny, idyllic, and instructive.”

To grasp the place we’re heading check out the unique e-book right here.

Now in these darkish days of each the world and MMA, I assumed it could be enjoyable to inform our personal darkish humorous tales, one letter at a time.

Handle your self and I’ll discuss to you on Monday.


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