With ESPN’s “The Final Dance” dominating the self-quarantined psyche of many sports activities followers worldwide, I discovered it exhausting to not get swept up within the nostalgia as an avid fan of each Scottie Pippen and the Chicago Bulls.

I do know, I do know: Pippen isn’t precisely the identify most youngsters had been sporting on the backs of their Bulls jerseys in the course of the ’90s, however it was these magical, championship iterations of that legendary group that made me fall in love with the sport of basketball. And with basketball on the minds of me many with The Final Dance now in our rearview mirrors, I figured why not construct off the momentum of my Bloodsport article by specializing in the NBA’s baddest for this subsequent installment of “How would they do in MMA?”

Placing my Bulls bias apart, I made a decision to rank a few of basketball’s most notable forces in relation to how their attitudes and talents would translate to blended martial arts.

So, with out additional ado …