Dana White is one of the most dynamic figures in the fight game, and a recent video captures the boss’ personality perfectly. The UFC has recently put forth a new ‘Fight Island Declassified series’ that dives into the company’s new venture. What’s more, the series has captured several behind-the-scenes moments and interactions that have caught the fans’ attention.

One such moment saw the UFC President hilariously breathe a sigh of relief following a tense stare down at UFC 251. The marquee event was the company’s first stint on Yas Fight Island and was one of the most anticipated events. Kamaru Usman defended his undisputed title against the ‘BMF’ Jorge Masvidal in the show’s final act.

Following the intense face-to-face interaction between the fighters, White reacted in a way only he could. The spontaneous response to Masvidal’s ferocious gaze towards ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ certainly caught the boss’ attention.

Dana White is blazing new trails

The long-time boss of the UFC is constantly searching for novel ways to deliver exciting fight related content to fans. The organization works towards churning out promotional videos along with never before seen footage that is gripping. The MMA community can get an insider’s perspective on the inner workings of the fight game.

The move to Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island back in July was a landmark moment for the UFC that needed to be documented. The promotion was trendsetters in restarting their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more, the resounding success that came their way helped to make a long-lasting partnership with the nation.

The company is constantly looking to innovate and completely walk over their competition. With several successful ventures under their belt, it’s easy to see why the UFC is always a step ahead. Not to mention, Fight Island as a concept itself has brought in a large new viewership and has enticed casual fans.

Additionally, many new fighters have made their presence known in the organization. The UFC’s venture to Yas Fight Island in Abu Dhabi has certainly paid for itself well, to say the least.

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