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Mike Perry and Darren Till provide plenty of “weird and wild” Midnight Mania content on their own, but the two together gift so many strange headlines that I’ve recapped their relationship countless times now. From potential foes to begrudging friends to absolutely hating one another, there have been several ups-and-downs between them.

Of the two, “Platinum” is the only man scheduled to compete, as he returns from a bar rampage and anger management classes — as well as a win over Mickey Gall — opposite Robbie Lawler at UFC 255 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last time out, Perry saved himself a few dollars by only having his girlfriend in corner, and he won, so Perry decided to double down and auction off a slot in his corner to the highest bidding fan.

I don’t think he expected “The Gorilla” to make a bid.

Till promises he’s “serious” about his $5,000 bid. Till is obviously more than capable of delivering adequate MMA advice — certainly more so than the average wealthy fight fan — but given Perry’s apparent anger at the Englishman, it doesn’t seem likely. Also of relevance, Till is currently outbid by at least one person. Redditor u/bsWINcups offered Perry $10k for the opportunity.

But still … imagine the meme potential!


To make the Till and Perry even stranger, both men are still actively using the phrase “Rawdog” far too often.

Niko Price once talked about trying to force his foe into a handstand so he could throw legal grounded head kicks. Someone pulled it off!

If Paulo Costa really wants a quick return at 185 lbs., a fight with Derek Brunson makes plenty of sense.

The hair pull snap down remains undefeated in street situations.

UFC 253 is over a week old, yet the Israel Adesanya vs. Costa memes continue:

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Show the knee, land the elbow!

Germaine de Randamie is a definite badass. If that ground game keeps improving, she could be a real threat to Amanda Nunes …

Belousov really did a nice job of putting all his weight on the ankle and fully extending to maximize pressure on the straight footlock.

Random Land

Scooter trick!

Midnight Music: Well, I wrote tonight’s entire Midnight Mania while hanging out at a tattoo shop — post-fight tradition! The latest two music tattoos are directly inspired by two songs, so my choices are decided …

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.