The Dirty: Guy Mezger talks UFC early days, Pride & re-birth of Pancrase

MMA pioneer and OG Guy Mezger joins MMAWeekly’s The Dirty podcast and talks about what it was like fighting in the early days of the UFC, Pride FC, and Pancrase in Japan.

He also recounted what it was like being in Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den, one of the first premier fight teams, rivaled only by the Gracies at the time.

Guy shares his journey in the sport and being part of the emergence of Pancrase in America.

MMAWeekly’s The Dirty with Guy Mezger

  • 04:40 – Backstage at UFC 3 & UFC 4
  • 11:50 – Joining the Lion’s Den
  • 23:59 – Fighting at UFC 13 tournament with a broken hand
  • 30:45 – Fighting in Pancrase in Japan
  • 34:50 – Going to UFC Ultimate Ultimate
  • 40:10 – The emergence of Pancrase in the USA
  • 51:30 – Using his PhD to help fighters recover
  • 59:45 – Family stories

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